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Victims open up about sexual abuse at the hands of teacher pedophile who received support at sentencing from former solicitor general Kenneth Starr

  • Christopher Kloman sentenced to 43 years for sexual abuse of young girls in his care at Potomac School in McLean, Virginia  
  • Abuse was revealed after one victim, now in her fifties, found Kloman working at her son's school
Women who were sexually abused as schoolgirls decades ago have bravely come forward to talk about...
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Elite Horace Mann prep school students tell of decades of sexual abuse

June 2012, the New York Daily News wrote about the soon to be published New York Times Magazine story regarding decades of molestation acusing three teachers and coaches at the Riverdale prep school. Helen Kennedy wrote: Sexual abuse was covered up for decades at a swanky Riverdale prep school where the children of the city’s monyed elite are educated,...
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As One School Sex Scandal Moves Forward, Another is Revealed

On Monday night, the Manatee County School Board will officially hear Superintendent Rick Mills' recommendation that five administrative employees be fired for their roles in covering up the Manatee High School sexual abuse scandal. That mess is bad enough, but the vote will now take place under an additional cloud, as it was recently revealed...
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Students accused of recording sex act in high school cafeteria

Students in Cherokee County say a dare prompted two students to perform a sex act in a high school cafeteria. The students Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri spoke to at Etowah High School said a student used a cellphone to record the incident, which happened during lunch with plenty of people around. “Was there...
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Did Manatee school staff hide sex scandal to save football program?

Bradenton, Florida - For the first time in the Rod Frazier investigation, Manatee Superintendent Rick Mills is admitting that his staffers may have put the nationally ranked football program ahead of student safety. The superintendent calls it "a factor." Mills went on to say, "It's unfortunate it happened. I am disappointed. We are taking appropriate action." Big questions...
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Grimsley High School Prostitution Scandal: Police Say Sex Scandal Was Isolated Incident

Three underage students who were involved in prostitution at a North Carolina high school will be charged as juveniles and face discipline from their high school. Police and Grimsley High School officials said on Tuesday that the incident, in which sex was allegedly exchanged for $20 during the students’ lunch hour, was...
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