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  • Columbia drops ball on jock ‘rapist’ probe: students

    December 2013, The New York Post reports about the failure of Columbia University to properly handle sex complaints, according to 3 women who told the Post they were attacked by an athlete. After months of investigations, the attacker was found guilty of violation only of "gender-misconduct code". The case dragged on, so that the accused…

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  • The 9 Most Shocking Sex Scandals In College Sports

    November 2011, eda list of 9 scandals in college sports. Here is an exert from the article: In the wake of the Penn State scandal (see below), which has dominated the headlines, the question has been asked, “Is it the biggest scandal in college sports history?” Maybe. Probably. We’ll see. Many of the biggest…

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  • School Sex Scandals in the 21st Century

    January 2013, POWERLINE posted an article by John Hinderaker commenting on two school sex scandals that are current in the news.  He writes about the "rubber room" concept in New York and the University of Minnesota program on the female orgasm.  Hinderaker refers to the change over decades as to what the words "sex scandal"…

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  • Prep School Scandals

    Robert Kennedy produced an article about prep school scandals (A look into the less-than-perfect world of private schools).  Kennedy writes: Here's a brief look at some incidents which have occurred in private schools over the years. Incoming Students at The Landon School Caught in Embarrassing Activities Rector of St. Paul's School Retires New Sex Scandal…

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