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  • Cheating Probe Roils Philadelphia School System

    January 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported about the implication of 140 teachers and administrators in Philadelphia public schools who are believed to have been involved in one of the nation's largest cheating scandals, according to district officials.  The district expects to discipline or terminate several school-based employees over the next few weeks.  A criminal…

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  • Hearing Set on Cheating Claim in Capital

    April 2013, the New York Times reported about the hearing to be held by the City Council in Washington, regarding allegations of cheating on standardized tests during the chancellorship f Michelle A Rhee.  Investigations by both the city's inspector general and the federal Education Department concluded widespread cheating had not occurred, yet calls for further…

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  • Erased Answers on Tests in Philadelphia Lead to a Three-Year Cheating Scandal

    January 2014, the New York Times reported about the Pennsylvania school district investigation of cheating spanning three years (2009 - 2011), involving 138 educators at 27 schools.  Three principals were fired last week, who are the first to be disciplined by the district.  According to the article, 20 other educators have retired, resigned, or been laid…

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  • Test Scandal in Atlanta Brings More Guilty Pleas

    The New York Times reported on Monday, January 6, 2014 regarding Dr. Beverly Hall pleading not guilty, while 17 educators pleaded guilty, and more are negotiating in a cheating scandal in Georgia. Investigators looked into allegations of widespread cheating on the 2009 state-mandated CRC Test.  44 schools and 178 teachers and principals have been implicated…

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  • Prep School Scandals

    Robert Kennedy provides a brief summation of various school scandal articles that he had previously written.  He refers to scandals at the Selwyn House, Lower Canada College, Academy X, Milton Academy, and more.  To read more, utilize the source link below. A Look Into the Less-Than-Perfect World of Private Schools Every school, public or private,…

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