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  • Denver kindergarten teacher arrested for DUI after allegedly driving to school while visibly intoxicated

    March 21, 2014: UPI reported the arrest of Escalante-Biggs Academy kindergarten teacher, Teresa Berman who appeared under the influence of alcohol when she arrived at school. UPI wrote: A DUI officer was called to Escalante-Biggs Academy to conduct a sobriety check on Teresa Berman because she “appeared visibly intoxicated.” When Berman failed the check, she…

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  • Third-graders caught smoking pot in Calif. school bathroom: report

    March 6, 2014: The Washington Times reported two 8 year olds and a 9 year old at Sonora Elementary School in California, were caught smoking pot in the school's bathroom. The Washington Times wrote: Sonora Elementary Superintendent Leigh Shampain confirmed the incident but would not discuss what consequences the students might face. “Shocked. To be…

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  • School Program Works to Battle Prescription Drug Abuse

    March 3, 2014: Yahoo published an article about the effectiveness of Botvin Life Skills Training program (LST).  The program was designed to prevent substance abuse by fostering youth development by teaching personal coping skills, general social skills, and skills for resisting pressures to smoke, drink, use drugs, and other risk behaviors. Yahoo wrote: The study…

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  • New Details In School Official Arrested On Drug Charges

    March 3, 2014: reported Paul Byrd has been charged with trafficking after cocaine and pills were found.  Byrd, an assistant school superintendent for Leon County Schools was found with cocaine and pills in his car. WCTV wrote: Franklin County Sheriff Mike Mock says Byrd was driving a school district white Chevrolet truck Friday night,…

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  • Recent “teacher arrested” Stories, Video and Galleries

    2014, Eyewitness News 7, provides a list of recent teachers arrested and their  stories.  Information from  the ABC network pertains to the tri-state area.  Music teachers, gym teachers, high school, middle school, and the like are all included in the list.  There are links to view the complete article and watch the video of the…

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