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Air Force Academy investigates possible cheating

March 3, 2014: USA Today reported the investigation at the Air Force Academy to determine whether 40 freshman cadets cheated in a chemistry class. USA today wrote: Initial reports said 11 cadets were under investigation, but the academy said later it was 40. Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, the academy superintendent, says she is disappointed by the allegations. Cheating...
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Cheating Scandal Dulls Pride in Athletics at Harvard

September 2012, The New York Times, published an article written by Bill Pennington about co-captains of the basketball team who were implicated in a widespread academic cheating scandal that may involve dozens of varsity athletes. As many as 125 students in a class of 279 students were being investigated. Pennington writes: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Six months ago,...
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The 9 Most Shocking Sex Scandals In College Sports

November 2011, TOTALPROSPORTS.com eda list of 9 scandals in college sports. Here is an exert from the article: In the wake of the Penn State scandal (see below), which has dominated the headlines, the question has been asked, “Is it the biggest scandal in college sports history?” Maybe. Probably. We’ll see. Many of the biggest scandals don’t compare,...
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