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Chemistry teacher who was involved in lab fire that hurt 4 students fired

October 7, 2014: KDVR Fox 31 reported Daniel Powell has been fired from STRIVE Prep - SMART Academy in Denver, following a laboratory fire that injured 4 students. Fox 31 writes: They say the teacher just didn’t understand how dangerous this type of chemistry demonstration could be. There have been similar accidents at other schools, and the Read more

Denver kindergarten teacher arrested for DUI after allegedly driving to school while visibly intoxicated

March 21, 2014: UPI reported the arrest of Escalante-Biggs Academy kindergarten teacher, Teresa Berman who appeared under the influence of alcohol when she arrived at school. UPI wrote: A DUI officer was called to Escalante-Biggs Academy to conduct a sobriety check on Teresa Berman because she “appeared visibly intoxicated.” When Berman failed the check, she...
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Air Force Academy investigates possible cheating

March 3, 2014: USA Today reported the investigation at the Air Force Academy to determine whether 40 freshman cadets cheated in a chemistry class. USA today wrote: Initial reports said 11 cadets were under investigation, but the academy said later it was 40. Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, the academy superintendent, says she is disappointed by the allegations. Cheating...
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Students, teachers shocked teacher arrested, accused of sexual assault

February 8, 2014, KRDO, reported from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mark Moore was arrested on charges of sexual assault on a child. The Cheyenne Mountain High School math teacher is the third teacher from the school district to be arrested on sex charges since the beginning of the year. Olivia Wilmsen of KRDO reports: Third Southern Colorado...
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