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Catholic school suspends teacher for suspicious behavior, assistant for allegedly grabbing a student’s breast

March 13, 2014: The Kansas City Star reported the arrest of a 53 year old assistant teacher at St. Thomas Moore School after he allegedly repeatedly grabbed a student's breast. The Kansas City Star wrote: The assistant would act as if he were tripping, then catch himself by grabbing her breast, the 11-year-old told police. She didn’t think...
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Former Deerfield student ‘who was sexually abused at elite boarding school reveals his identity and details victimization by popular teacher’

July 2013, The Daily Mail published the story of Journalist Whit Sheppard, 48, who claims he was sexually abused decades earlier, by faculty member Peter Hinkle,when he was a senior at Deerfield Academy in 1983. The article reads: Deerfield Academy has notified police after Whit Sheppard claimed retired maths teacher Peter Hindle had 'sexual contact' with him in the 1980s
  • The...
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As One School Sex Scandal Moves Forward, Another is Revealed

On Monday night, the Manatee County School Board will officially hear Superintendent Rick Mills' recommendation that five administrative employees be fired for their roles in covering up the Manatee High School sexual abuse scandal. That mess is bad enough, but the vote will now take place under an additional cloud, as it was recently revealed...
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