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Chemistry teacher who was involved in lab fire that hurt 4 students fired

October 7, 2014: KDVR Fox 31 reported Daniel Powell has been fired from STRIVE Prep - SMART Academy in Denver, following a laboratory fire that injured 4 students. Fox 31 writes: They say the teacher just didn’t understand how dangerous this type of chemistry demonstration could be. There have been similar accidents at other schools, and the Read more

ND Teacher of the Year Charged With 5 Felonies

August 22, 2014: ABC News reported the arrest of Aaron Knodel, an English teacher at West Fargo High School.  Knodel was named the 2014 teacher of the year by North Dakota United (teacher's Union).  Knodel is credited with starting both a student congress and trivia team at the school and is now on leave, pending...
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Bullitt Central teacher charged with rape

August 30, 2014: Wave3 posted information regarding the arrest of a Kentucky teacher charged with rape after allegations that she had sexual contact with a student. Wave 3 wrote: A teacher at Bullitt Central High School is charged with third-degree rape after school officials learned of allegations that she had sexual contact with a student. Crystal Chappell, 24,...
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Prep school drug ring busted; 11 arrested

April 2014: The Mercury News reported the arrest of 11, (2 juveniles and 9 adults) for the elaborate drug ring operation which was attempting to take over the main Line drug trade at several area schools and colleges. The Mercury News wrote: Individuals allegedly involved: The Suppliers Neil K. Scott, 25 years old,...
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Horrifying Details from a Decades-Long Prep School Sex Scandal

June 2012, Jezebel reported a summation of the New York Times Magazine cover story spelling out the decades of abuse reportedly at the Elite Horace Mann school in the Bronx.  The reporter refers to the article as "reading like a dickens novel". Jezebel wrote: Horace Mann, one of New York City's most prestigious high schools, has an...
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Prep school dean accused of molesting pupils

August, 2009,  NBC reported that Richard Reinhardt was arraigned on charges including sexual assault and risk of injury to minors.  Reinhardt allegedly took a young boy from the dorm to spend nights in the dean's campus apartment.  In total, 4 boys have come forward with allegations. NBC News wrote: The family of one student at The Gunnery...
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Police: Teacher arrested for soliciting a minor

June 10, 2014: WUSA9 reported the arrest of West Springfield High School Band instructor, Laurence Einuis, age 53.  Einuis allegedly engaged in an inappropriate conversation with a 14 year old. WUSA9 wrote: Einuis has been charged him with 'use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children', police said. He is currently suspended without pay, police...
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Massapequa teacher arrested for heroin possession

June 13, 2014: ABC News reported the arrest of 33 year old, Kerri Creegan, the ninth grade social studies teacher, for possession of heroin.  Creegan was pulled over for a broken tail-light when police discovered she was in possession of heroin. ABC News wrote: According to police, 33-year-old Kerri Creegan of Rockville Centre was driving southbound on...
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Ex-Peoria teacher held over student sex videos

June 5, 2014: Arizona Central published an article stating the arrest of a former Peoria High School drama teacher after videos of sexual activity with minors were found on his phone. Arizona Central wrote: Werner Alcid Girard, 37, taught in the Peoria Unified School District until the end of the 2013-2014 school year, district spokeswoman Danielle Airey...
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