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School Files Child Abuse Report

September 9, 2014: New England News reported a Duxbury, Massachusetts high school is investigating an alleged confrontation between a staff member and two students that took place near the end of August. New England News wrote:

According to Duxbury Police, the school's principal confirmed there were allegations that a physical confrontation occurred between the staff member...

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More Than 130 Philly Educators Implicated in Cheating, Officials Say

January 2014, NBC news in Philadelphia reported the Department of Education initiated a cheating investigation in 2011 after forensic analysis of PSSA test results in 2009 showed a high likelihood of cheating in more than 200 schools statewide. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has filed or is pursuing actions against 69 current and former...
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Woman posts call to alleged abuser on YouTube

January 2014, HLN reports about a California woman, Jamie (age 28) who recorded a telephone conversation with a former teacher. Jamie claims the teacher abused her when she was only 12 years old. The conversation was posted on YouTube, prompting police to investigate. The accused teacher, refused to comment to CNN HLN...
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