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AISD teacher suspected of sexually assaulting student

June 14, 2014: KXAN published an article stating the arrest of Walnut Creek Elementary School teacher, Alfredo Andrade-Gaytan, 33, following an investigation accusing the teacher of sexual assault on a female kindergarten student in a classroom during summer school.  He confessed to the crime and is now out of a job. KXAN wrote: According to police documents,...
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Denver kindergarten teacher arrested for DUI after allegedly driving to school while visibly intoxicated

March 21, 2014: UPI reported the arrest of Escalante-Biggs Academy kindergarten teacher, Teresa Berman who appeared under the influence of alcohol when she arrived at school. UPI wrote: A DUI officer was called to Escalante-Biggs Academy to conduct a sobriety check on Teresa Berman because she “appeared visibly intoxicated.” When Berman failed the check, she...
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