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U.S. Cites Evidence of Anti-Semitism in School District

January 2014, the New York Times reported about the lawsuit filed by 3 Jewish families against the Pine Bush Central School District in New York.  Previously, in November, the New York Times had reported that some Jewish students had said they were subjected to anti-Semitic bullying, taunts, and other forms of intimidation in recent years. The...
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Trial Date Set, Bob Woodward Subpoenaed in Sidwell Friends Sex Counselor Case

April 2013, The Washingtonian reports the lawsuit between Newmyer and Sidewall Friends School has a date set for trial. Newmyer filed suit against the former school psychologist, claiming the psychologist had an affair with Newmyer's then wife, Tara Mehrbach, while treating his then 5 year old daughter.  The lawsuit has potential for high-profile families to testify. Mary...
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