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Washington State Supreme Court upholds conviction of Jennifer Leigh Rice

June 2012, The News Tribune reported the Supreme court decision to reject the appeal by Jennifer Leigh Rice for the conviction of molestation and kidnapping of a 10-year-old student by the former Tacoma 4th grade teacher.  To read more about the Supreme Court decision, utilize the source link below. The court reject the argument. Writing for the...
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Former Deerfield student ‘who was sexually abused at elite boarding school reveals his identity and details victimization by popular teacher’

July 2013, The Daily Mail published the story of Journalist Whit Sheppard, 48, who claims he was sexually abused decades earlier, by faculty member Peter Hinkle,when he was a senior at Deerfield Academy in 1983. The article reads: Deerfield Academy has notified police after Whit Sheppard claimed retired maths teacher Peter Hindle had 'sexual contact' with him in the 1980s
  • The...
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The Fifty Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals

Zimbio provides a list of 50 female teacher sex scandals. Zimbio writes: ... female teachers who have slept with their students receive the lion's share of media attention. We decided to see just how much attention has been paid. Looking at search trends, news reports, and blogosphere chatter, we determined the fifty most infamous female teacher sex scandals. We've...
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Prep School Scandals

Robert Kennedy produced an article about prep school scandals (A look into the less-than-perfect world of private schools).  Kennedy writes: Here's a brief look at some incidents which have occurred in private schools over the years. Incoming Students at The Landon School Caught in Embarrassing Activities Rector of St. Paul's School Retires New Sex Scandal Hits Selwyn House Counterfeit Currency...
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Middle School Sex Scandal

December 2004, The smoking gun published an article reporting the arrest of Debra Lafave, a 24-year-old Tampa, Florida middle school teacher.   She was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old student at the school where she worked as a reading teacher. The smoking gun writes: Police yesterday released their file in the case of Debra Lafave,...
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A Brief History of Boarding-School Scandals

October 2013, Vanity Fair published an article outlining boarding schools who have been in the public eye for the real tales and scandals of the academic facilities and the much darker histories.  The article written by Alex Polkinghorn looks at 20 years of sex, drug, and bullying scandals at some of the most prestigious secondary...
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Victims open up about sexual abuse at the hands of teacher pedophile who received support at sentencing from former solicitor general Kenneth Starr

  • Christopher Kloman sentenced to 43 years for sexual abuse of young girls in his care at Potomac School in McLean, Virginia  
  • Abuse was revealed after one victim, now in her fifties, found Kloman working at her son's school
Women who were sexually abused as schoolgirls decades ago have bravely come forward to talk about...
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