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Drama teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault of teen student he married in Vegas

May 9, 2014: KHOU posted a report of the arrest of 41 year old, Auyapah Guardiola, a drama teacher at the Houston Family Arts Center.  Police conducted a routine traffic stop that lead to an investigation when Guardiola had a 16 year old student in the vehicle with him.  The teen later confessed that he had married...
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AISD teacher suspected of sexually assaulting student

June 14, 2014: KXAN published an article stating the arrest of Walnut Creek Elementary School teacher, Alfredo Andrade-Gaytan, 33, following an investigation accusing the teacher of sexual assault on a female kindergarten student in a classroom during summer school.  He confessed to the crime and is now out of a job. KXAN wrote: According to police documents,...
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FBISD teacher charged with having inappropriate relationship with student

March 11, 2014: KHOU News reported the arrest of Bush High School band director, Eduardo Hernandez, charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. KHOU News wrote: We're told she's a junior and a member of the band. "It's not right," said student Demarco Grice. "You shouldn't be messing with kids underage that's part of our age...
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Freer Elementary Teacher Arrested

February 5, 2014, NBC News reported William Freer of Corpus Christie, Texas turned himself in to police. He was arrested and charged with one count of indecent contact with a child. NBC News reports: FREER- William Utley, a teacher at Norman Thomas Elementary in Freer, was arrested Tuesday and charged with one count of indecent contact...
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El Paso Schools Confront Scandal of Students Who ‘Disappeared’ at Test Time

October 2012, the New York Times reported about the El Paso school district administrators testing scandal.  School superintendent, Lorenzo Garcia, was sentenced to prison for his role in devising an elaborate program to inflate test scores and a federal investigation continues. The New York Times wrote: Students identified as low-performing were transferred to Read more

The ESD Sex Scandal

October 2011, D magazine featured an article about a 17 year old student who had a sexual affair with J. Nathan Campbell.  Campbell was her teacher and he was married with a 3 year old son at home.  The Episcopal School of Dallas was found guilty of fraud and negligence. Claire St. Amant wrote: When an exclusive private school...
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